Quality Management System E‑Qalin®

In the context of the European Leonardo da Vinci project "E-Qalin", the eponymous practical and user-friendly quality management model E-Qalin®; has been developed. E-Qalin®; examines the services delivered and their effectiveness in respect to the satisfaction of all persons involved. E-Qalin®; emphasises self-evaluation and encourages learning within organisations, freeing up potential for improvement and development.

E-Qalin®; has been developed, evaluated and optimised with the participation of educational institutions, national and European interest groups, political representatives and pilot project homes. The focus lies on developing a resource-compatible quality management system for care homes that is accepted across the EU. Special versions have been developed for the following social service sectors:

  • Providers of long-term/residential care services for the elderly
  • Facilities and services for people with disabilities
  • Day-patient/mobile services.

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E.D.E. Geschäftstelle (Office):

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Tel.: +420 777 357 832
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E-Qalin® gemeinnützige GmbH

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E-Mail: office@ibg.or.at
Internet: www.ibg-bildung.at

Or visit the E-Qalin website:  www.e-qalin.net