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European Ageing Network​

The European Ageing Network (EAN) groups more than 12.000 care providers across the European continent. Members represent all types of organisations and individuals active for older persons and all types of ownership including for profit, not-for-profit and governmental organisations. It is their vision and mission to improve the quality of life for older persons and support them in making each day a better day for by providing high quality housing, services and care. 

The European Ageing Network (EAN) is present in 27 European countries. With EAHSA well represented in North-West Europe and EDE in the South-East, the combination makes of the European Ageing Network a truly pan-European organisation. EAN does not stand alone in pursuing its vision, values and mission. It is affiliated with the Global Ageing Network (GAN), a global network with its office in Washington DC. EAN and GAN bring together experts from around the world, lead education initiatives and provide a place for innovative ideas in senior care to be born. They pave the way to improve best practices in aged care so that older people everywhere can live healthier, stronger, more independent lives.

The members of the European Ageing Network (EAN) are servicing millions older people in Europe.  Longevity is one of the biggest achievements of modern societies. Europeans are living longer than ever before and this pattern is expected to continue due to unprecedented medical advances and improved standards of living. By 2020, a quarter of the Europeans will be over 60 years of age. Combined with low birth rates, this will bring about significant changes to the structure of European society, which will impact on our economy, social security and health care systems, the labour market and many other spheres of our lives.


EAN General Assembly meeting in Tallinn

June 13, 2024

Last EAN General Assembly meeting took place in TALLINN – ESTONIA (May 30-31, 2024)

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European Educational Symposium in Athens

European Ageing Network, Metropolitan College and AKMI are inviting you to the European Educational Symposium: 21st century skills in long-term care from Thursday 26 to Friday 27 September 2024 at Theoxenia Palace Hotel, Athens.

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Accelerating the Digital Transition

The new EAN report on Digitalisation in LTC was presented and baptized on 31 May 2024 at the EAN General Assembly meeting in Tallinn. Congratulations to all authors.

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GAN call to the governments

The GLOBAL AGEING NETWORK has issued a "CALL to Governments" urgently calling on governments to reform and change the long-term care systems for older people.

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Taboos and prejudices in long-term care

We all face different taboos and prejudices during our whole life in all possible activities, segments, areas, environments. They appear and disappear and change with time; generally changing with our society and the world. This also ap­plies to the long-term care sector.

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Long Term Care 2030

The EAN published its new version of Long-Term-Care 2030 vision. The document contains also the Policy Pointers.

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"EAN NEWS" (former E.D.E. Vision and E.D.E. NEWS) is the electronic newsletter of the EAN. The publication provides regular information on current developments in European care homes for the elderly and spotlights projects of the EAN and its members associations. The newsletter also functions as a platform for the EAN to express its position on current issues in elderly care. In addition "EAN NEWS" serves all member associations as a forum for exchanging experiences and information.

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EAN clip 2018

Presentation movie of European Ageing Network (E.A.N.)



The EAN considers it one of its main tasks to supply its members and interested care service providers with extensive information on developments and trends in the care sector. An important forum in this respect is provided by the EAN Congresses, which take place every two years in various European cities.

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