Preventing and Managing the Burnout Syndrome in the field of Professional Caregiving


The project will run for 24 months:  1.12.2021  –  30.11.2023


  • VET Providers
  • Long-term Healthcare Management
  • Stakeholders for professional caregiving
  • Stakeholders for Mental Health and Social Work
  • Representatives of Long-term Care Service Users


Professional caregivers for older people or people with disabilities play one of the major roles in the physical and mental health, recovery and rehabilitation of the patients. They often hold responsibilities of intimate nature and work in spaces where hopelessness and staleness may take over the occupation experience, affecting their own mental and physical health to great extent; the stressful work of professional caregivers whether they are caring for people in healthcare organisation settings or individuals at home, makes them a population highly susceptible to burnout. Burnout is a threat to their personal and professional lives and includes symptoms like:

  • Decrease in energy levels or chronic fatigue
  • Increased susceptibility to illness
  • Self-neglect and lack of satisfaction in the work
  • Sense of helplessness and hopelessness

The PROCARE Project is aimed at the training of Managers of Long-term Care Units, so they will be able to act as Mentors and support their Caregiving Staff in their efforts to prevent and manage Occupational Burnout.


  • Mentoring Delivery Methodology

Development of a brand new Mentoring Delivery Methodology, tailored to the specific needs of Long-term Care Caregivers, Managers, Organisations and Service Users.

  • Mentoring Training Course

Development of a Mentoring Training Course for Vocational Education Providers and LTC Managers.

  • Pilot Testing

Pilot Testing of the Material and composition of a Policy Paper, outlining the importance of incorporating Mentoring Programmes to support Caregivers in Long-term Care and its impact on their well-being and performance.


Project Nr. 2021-1-PL01-KA220-VET-000025014