EAN member ANSDIPP, the Italian association of managers in the social and health care sector, has announced the Matera conference, themed "Evolution of personal care models and health and social care integration in the third millennium: scenarios, prospects, sustainability and uncertainties". The conference will be organised 23-25 October in Matera, Italy.

With high level speakers from all over the world, the three-day conference will provide expert insights in the developments and best-practices in modern elderly care. More information about the Matera conference can be found here.

The conference leaflet can be downloaded here.

REGISTRATION via the on-line form here.

In case you would need more information, please, do not hesitate to contact the ANSDIPP secretariat via email info@ansdipp.it or Mrs. Elena Weber, the EAN Executive Board member, via  ansdipp_fvg@aol.com.